“Pleasure in the job makes perfection in the work.”


Camilyon is a boutique hub offering various consultancy and execution services related to strategy, holistic marketing, product development, management and business re-engineering. It is aimed to assist businesses in driving their potential in the market through a 360° marketing methodology approach.

Customers are kept at the core of every strategic road map. By deeply understanding your customer and the value proposition of your brand offering, the right sustainable business model will be identified to help you win in the market.

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360° Vision for a broad fresh perspective

Camilyon visualises your business situation from a different angle with a segmented approach to problem identification.

Immediate effective results

Through our business intuitive skills, Camilyon understands deadlines and the urgency to target the problem and shoot it down with strategic planning.

Scan your Environment & Fit

Whatever colour your business projects, Camilyon will analyse it
and evolve it into a creative, new strategic spark.

Firm Grip on your business needs

Once your environment and target objectives are understood, Camilyon will apply a firm grip on the task and will deliver the plan in an efficient and effective way.



From Strategic road maps to gab analysis, the strategic direction is crucial in any part of the marketing mix. Is your strategy aligned?


Whatever the objective is, a solid tactical plan needs to cover all customer touch points and communication platforms to drive trial and awareness to recruit and retain customers. Is your communication plan integrated?


Without solid facts on the environment, especially customers, we cannot adopt the right strategic approach and take decisions forward from concrete insight. How well do you know what is going on in your environment?


All the value chain should be reviewed and re-engineered back on track for a proactive approach against key performance indicators. How well are you orchestrating your business objectives?


Eye to detail and solid planning enhances the overall perception of your event being a brand event, a business seminar or an internal affair. Do you want your brand to shine?


A brand is your most valuable asset. It needs a solid identity, protection, nourishment, innovation and passion for sustainable growth. Are your focusing on your brand enough to exploit its potential?


Shopping is a talent and not a task. Get the right supplier for your products or the superlative merchandise for your event or promotion. Do you fancy being unconventional & stylish?


Site planning of your store together with the positioning of your products on the shelves are crucial. Create the right flow and product pick-up in the final stages of path to purchase funnel through shopper interaction. Do you want to maximize your store potential?


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  • Kyannah Beauty & Wellbeing
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Camilyon has been founded by Joanna Micallef Farrugia, a freelance strategic marketing specialist based in Malta.

“My passion for the colourful world of marketing motivated me to create the marketing consultancy Camilyon. I cannot preach enough the flavours of this inspiring world of business philosophy. Through deep consumer understanding marketers have the ability to create an offering to match a need. This is presented into an attractive brand which meets the wants and desires of customers. The ongoing challenge is for the above to be created in a sustainable manner thus producing a healthy profit line. The winning formula is for marketers to keep their ears and hearts open to their customers’ emotions and needs. This should be done in parallel with the monitoring and control of the value chain to adopt continuous improvement measures and drive the business model.”


By Joanna">Joanna | Marketing, Projects

Lellas Cake Shop launches it's first…

Lellas Cake Shop was launched in November 2017. Camilyon was approached to develop the brand identity to create a unique consumer offering that is iconic, stricking yet inviting. The brand…

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By Joanna">Joanna | Marketing, Projects

Valletta Cruise Port's Corporate Christmas Gifts

Camilyon, in collaboration with artist and designer Stephanie Borg, have developed the concept for Valletta Cruise Port's Corporate Christmas Gifts for 2017. Valletta Cruise Port required an elegant yet striking…