Camilyon Marketing is a boutique hub offering various consultancy and execution services related to strategy, holistic marketing, management and business re-engineering. It is aimed to assist businesses in driving their potential in the market through a 360° marketing methodology approach.

Customers are kept at the core of every strategic road map. By deeply understanding your customer and the value proposition of your brand offering, the right sustainable business model will be identified to help you win in the market.



Through the understanding of your business environment, Camilyon will take an in-depth look at your customers and your competition and add flavour to your marketing mix.


After a clear analysis of the full facts, a strategic road map will be designed to maximize your sales potential through a well-balanced integrated marketing plan.



There is always a solution to a rising problem. Focused commitment and prioritization are key to identify the issue and the options proposed, to solve or diminish the problem.


By keeping a close eye on your customer trends and evolution, one can find continuous opportunities for further sustainable growth. Invest and develop at the right time: don’t miss the boat!


Keep your brand at the heart of customers’ needs. Evolve your brand in parallel to customer’s trends. Invest in its innovation and renovation according to your market evolution.


A Talented team of professionals are required to bring your brand’s business plan to life. Your foundations should be strong and sustainable before you go into the battlefield.


Don’t focus only on your top line for profitable growth but continuously find creative ways how to keep your operational costs low, to create more efficiency in your value chain. Are you sure you do not have any profit leaks in your bucket?


Scan your Environment & Fit

Whatever colour your business projects, Camilyon will analyse it and evolve it into a creative, new strategic spark.

360° Vision for a broad fresh perspective

Camilyon visualises your business situation from a different angle with a segmented approach to problem identification.

Firm Grip on your business needs

Once your environment and the target objectives are understood, Camilyon will apply a firm grip on the task and will drive to deliver the plan in an efficient and effective way.


Immediate effective results

Through our business intuitive skills, Camilyon understands deadlines and the urgency to target the problem to shoot it down with strategic planning.