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Name Tettiera Date 12 Fri 2016 Categories Brand IdentityProduct DevelopmentStrategy Author Joanna


Tettiera™ has been created by two tea devotees, Diana Mifsud and Joanna Micallef Farrugia whose ambition is to revive the ritual of tea in today’s frantic world. The devotees believe that tea helps in finding one’s balance as it encourages reflection and self-love. The ritual itself is an excuse to pause and revive one’s mind as it encourages conversation or self-reflection. Apart from drinking a lot of tea, both ladies have a flair for pretty little things related to the tea ritual. They collect fine porcelain tea cups and pots, silver accessories and are creating a mini tea book library. After visiting tea plantations in Sri Lanka and India, our tea devotees attended a Tea Masterclass in London by the world’s most famous tea author and educator Jane Pettigrew who has now formed the UK Tea Academy. Their vision for Tettiera™ is to offer consumers comfort and joy by creating products coming from tea with a local Maltese touch, both in terms of design and local ingredients.