Who’s behind Camilyon?

Camilyon has been founded by Joanna Micallef Farrugia, a freelance strategic marketing specialist based in Malta.

“My passion for the colourful world of marketing motivated me to create the marketing consultancy Camilyon. I cannot preach enough the flavours of this inspiring world of business philosophy. Through deep consumer understanding marketers have the ability to create an offering to match a need. This is presented into an attractive brand which meets the wants and desires of customers. The ongoing challenge is for the above to be created in a sustainable manner thus producing a healthy profit line. The winning formula is for marketers to keep their ears and hearts open to their customer’s emotions and needs. This should be done in parallel with the monitoring and control of the value chain to adopt continuous improvement measures and drive the business model.

I love making things happen, creating the vision and deriving the potential of a brand. Developing strategies, tactical ideas and bringing them to life is fulfilling to me. The excitement of a project coming together and monitoring the desired results is a rewarding feeling. Sometimes a change in course is needed and navigating to find it is a worthwhile challenge. Problem solving and putting the pieces of the puzzle together makes it thrilling and satisfying.

I am an orange colour fanatic. It gives me a happy mood with lots of inspiration. I enjoy up-cycling antique chairs into artistic furniture pieces bursting with colour and character. I have a passion for interior design and all things unconventional.”

Joanna comes with over 20 years’ experience in holistic marketing management, product development and  management, category business management and consumer services in the FMCG industry, luxury artisan goods and other industries such as Gifting, SAAS, Manufacturing and more . Her previous role was in senior management with the leading multi-national company Nestlé in Malta. She has studied with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has obtained the Level 7 Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing as MCIM. She obtained the Chartered Marketer status in 2009. She was also a Casual Lecturer at the Marketing Department at the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy at the University of Malta. She is also the co-founder of Tettiera, an artisan loose leaf tea brand.


The brand identity of Camilyon was inspired by Chameleons. These small reptiles have quite a bunch of talents under their claws. They have a 360° vision and their orbs can focus and rotate on multiple objects simultaneously. They are famous for their creative colour works which is highly inspired from their surroundings and emotions. Their feet enable rapid and safe climbing whilst maintaining safety, balance and calm.