Valletta Cruise Port

Camilyon, in collaboration with artist and designer Stephanie Borg, have developed the concept for Valletta Cruise Port‘s Corporate Christmas Gifts for 2017. Valletta Cruise Port required an elegant yet striking gift for their esteemed clients that was linked with the iconic building of the Valletta Waterfront and hence their brand identity. A specific illustration was designed by Stephanie Borg specifically to reach this objective. The elegant espresso set was packed in a branded box and laminated paper bag. To develop and enhance this concept, the client required an invitation concept that will not only be unconventional but will be kept as a memento of their 15th anniversary. Therefore, the invitation concept was proposed in a dark blue pillow box with gold foil printing that contained the invitation card for the corporate christmas party and a set of 4 coasters matching the same illustration wrapped in a branded gold satin ribbon. A Christmas greeting card was also developed on the same illustration concept presented in matching dark blue envelopes. This concept was developed in collaboration with Stephanie Borg. All procurement was handled and managed by Camilyon.